The Best R&D Center in the Aftermarket

CAMP is a comprehensive facility where the brightest talent with an innovative mindset bring the best work to life.







research area

fueled with

% 2.5

of annual turnover

We take pride in our never-ending quest for innovation at CAMP, our 1500 m2 state-of-the-art research and development center launched with an investment of 12 million euro.
As Sampa’s significant step in expanding local innovation, CAMP is fueled with 2.5% of Sampa’s annual turnover.
Equipped with high-tech tools, machinery, and 5 divisions with a total of 200 scientists and technicians, CAMP is constantly in pursuit of new products, processes, materials, and methods.

Laboratory &
Material Technologies


Engineering &

Mold &
Equipment Design

IP & Project

In the Product Technologies division, technical personnel are assigned and specialized according to strategic product groups, while Materials design and development activities are carried out in the Material Technologies division. Coordination and reporting of all projects carried out and reported in CAMP are provided by Project Management while Intellectual Property carry out the research, application and registration processes of CAMP’s patent, brand and industrial designs. And the Mould & Equipment Design division carries out the design works regarding moulds, machines, and equipment development projects within CAMP.

CAMP is No.2 and best equipped R&D center in the region and the most comprehensive center in the global aftermarket.

A criteria of success for the projects carried out in CAMP is the industrialization of project outputs. The contribution of developed products to the turnover increased from 3% in 2014 to 10% in 2018. Sampa aims to increase this ratio each year. The CAMP team works closely with the marketing team to communicate news on developed products and improvements made.

Our Aim

  • Carry out R&D activities that will support the strategic objectives of the company,
  • Provide the technical know-how of the company,
  • Develop innovative features for product groups in the product portfolio by following up the technology and market trends,
  • Examine and analyse the products in order to reach the targeted product quality and costs, to put forward the qualified products as a result of the tests and analysis, and to ensure the sustainable quality.

Our Strategy

  • To strengthen our R&D infrastructure for developing high value added products and increasing the sustainable global competitiveness of the sector with advanced technology.
  • To contribute to the improvement of employment and employment in the region by cooperation with universities and enterprises in our region.
  • To make our products the preferred brand in global market by developing our own technology.