Sampa Showroom

At Sampa we aim to go beyond being just a "choice" in the aftermarket; we dream with the science behind spare parts, create the most beautiful art pieces with our own unique language, capture the highest quality and, most importantly, consistently push our collective capabilities. For us, it is all about the journey of discovery, where every step we take is based on being better, stronger and the most compatible. And we have many more advantages that you can discover… Why not start from our most valued products.

V-Rod & Torque Rods

Your True Companion on the Road

Drive with the comfort and safety of Sampa advanced parts!

  • Optimized design and upgraded materials

  • Coating guarantees protection against harmful chemicals and debris impact, extending rust prevention

  • Performance similar to or better than original parts

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Material Specifications

Metal Alloy

  • Special alloys allow for heavier loads

  • Impact resistant

  • 100% material integrity testing

  • Raw material analysis


  • Special coating guarantees
    extended oxidation resistance

  • Higher impact resistance

Rubber Compound

  • Proprietary rubber formulation

  • Bushings will not dry or crack

  • Chemical resistant

Built to Ride with Confidence

Improved with custom materials developed in our world-class R&D center Camp, Sampa V-Rod and Torque Rod are the perfect example of what future technology has to offer for the aftermarket.

Perfect geometry is guaranteed in every unit using proprietary manufacturing laser-heating technology - recognized as strategically important innovation by the TUBITAK - Scientific & technological Research Council of Turkey.

Bushings are assembled in a 100% controlled environment with pressure and distance controlled automatic presses.

Metal surfaces are evenly coated in Sampa’s fully automatic electrostatic powder-painting unit, making each part even more resistant to corrosion.

These products are built to withstand even in the highest forces you may come across on any road at any time.

Sampa V-Rod and Torque Rod are your companion on the road. Trusted and strong…