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At Sampa we aim to go beyond being just a "choice" in the aftermarket; we dream with the science behind spare parts, create the most beautiful art pieces with our own unique language, capture the highest quality and, most importantly, consistently push our collective capabilities. For us, it is all about the journey of discovery, where every step we take is based on being better, stronger and the most compatible. And we have many more advantages that you can discover… Why not start from our most valued products.

Wheel Hub

SEAL - 070.230/SD

Integrated Thermal Barrier Design

The improved Sampa Wheel Hub Seal has a thickened seamless metal ring which is adjacent to the hub bearing inner raceway flange. So, the distance between sealing and bearing is increased. And with this distance, the sealing rubber partitions are protected from heat, enabling a longer service life and enhanced safety.
The seamless metal ring design also improves sealing rigidity, so the sealing can be used multiple times during wheel hub maintenance and assembly.
When a constant strain is imposed on rubber, the force necessary to maintain that strain is not constant but decreases with time; this phenomenon is called stress relaxation. The service life of seals is highly correlated to stress relaxation.
One of the many tests Sampa performs on the seal, is measuring the sealing force exerted by a seal under compression between two plates. Extensive testing capabilities on raw material and end product means stronger and safer parts!

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Standard Test Methods
ASTM D6147

According to test results, competitor’s sealing force decreased dramatically.
The stress relaxation of Sampa Seals is %30 less than the competitor’s, making them more durable over time.

F0= initial counterforce
Ft = counterforce measured after duration of test
Sampa: %15,7
Competitor: %22