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Fifth Wheel

The One and Only International Type
Approved Fifth Wheel Component in Turkey.

SAMPA AUTOMOTIVE has started the manufacturing process for “SAMPA SP C7 F 001”; the one and only international type approved 5th Wheel component in Turkey. SAMPA has proven its capacity to manufacture products at OEM level as a result of gaining the certification of “ECE-R55”.

The project commenced at SAMPA R&D Centre 2 years ago. It was completed with the help and support of all SAMPA employees. Just very recently, the final product prototypes have been subjected to testing within the regulations at approved laboratories, an international testing institution in Spain. Following the fruitful outcome, we were qualified for the “E9 55R-01.6120” Certificate by the Ministry of Industry in Spain.

Fifth Wheel
Fifth wheel provides the link between a semi-trailer and the towing truck and also enables regulations regardless of the vehicle. It is not only a spare part. It is a component that a manufacturer places and secures on top of the new vehicle. It establishes safety criteria. Besides, manufacturing and selling the item without the Type approval is prohibited in many countries.

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Technical Specifications

Surface diameter

: 37”

King pin diameter

: 2”

Total Height

: 150 mm

D value

: 152 kN (Drawing bar value)

U value

: 20 Tonnes (Vertical load on fifth wheel)

  • Lubrication on lock jaw

  • Prepared for surface lubrication option short handle without knuckle

Type Approved!

Look for this plate on the fifth wheel!