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At Sampa we aim to go beyond being just a "choice" in the aftermarket; we dream with the science behind spare parts, create the most beautiful art pieces with our own unique language, capture the most unreachable harmony in quality and, most importantly, pursue to constantly do much better with our collective capabilities. For us, it is all about the journey of discovery, where every step we take is based on being better, stronger and the most compatible. And there are much more aspects of us that you can discover… Why not start from our most valued products.

Sampa 300T

Sampa Complete Air Suspension

To keep your ride as smooth as it gets!

Manufactured with the best raw materials and the latest technology available, Sampa Complete Air Suspension offers you smoother rides and enhanced cargo safety. Equipped with one of Sampa’s masterpiece air springs SP558050-KA and other components with exceptional quality means extended vehicle life as well as much less downtime and lower maintenance costs for fleets. This product will keep you going regardless of the road conditions you encounter.

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501.188 Replaces: HT300TB15-001

Specifications & General Dimensions

Capacity : 30,000 lbs. (13,600 kg)

Suitable Axle Data : 5-inch diameter round, 5/8-inch wall, 15- and 16.5-inch brakes

Sampa Air Spring Properties
Inner Rubber Layer

  • Pressure maintenance

  • Perfect seal

  • Chemical resistance Fabric

  • Structural reseliance

  • Ensured geometry

Rubber Coating

  • Materials bonding reinforced

  • Perfectly spaced plies guarantee even force distribution

Outer Rubber Layer

  • Mechanical protective function

  • UV and chemical resistance prevent premature cracking

  • Energy dissipation - puncture resistance