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At Sampa we aim to go beyond being just a "choice" in the aftermarket; we dream with the science behind spare parts, create the most beautiful art pieces with our own unique language, capture the highest quality and, most importantly, consistently push our collective capabilities. For us, it is all about the journey of discovery, where every step we take is based on being better, stronger and the most compatible. And we have many more advantages that you can discover… Why not start from our most valued products.

King Pin Repair Kits

Superior Steering Performance & Enhanced Durability

Extended life and optimum performance due to higher material grade and constant lubrication.

  • Faster & easier installation

  • Longer & trouble-free lifecycle

  • Abrasion and oxidation resistant materials

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Sampa King Pin Repair Kits

Sampa King Pin Repair Kits provide safety with higher impact resistance & constant flow of lubrication and a longer lifecycle than OE and aftermarket competitors proven with extensive testing. Each kit is precisely designed and manufactured to provide ease in installation. Competitive prices and ZERO-failures guarantee customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Sampa’s OEM and aftermarket know-how, selling in more than 140 countries since 1950, is backed by substantial laboratory and R&D capabilities that allow us to test, improve and innovate the way we do things - and to always meet the industry’s highest standards.

Heat Treatment Guarantees the Proper Surface Hardness