Welcome to the Board: HD PartsCenter

February 8,2024

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SAMPA are delighted to announce the acquisition of HD PartsCenter, a reliable supplier in the heavy-duty vehicle parts industry in the Benelux region. Stakeholders gathered at a special dinner held on January 17, 2024, in the city of Leylstad, Netherlands, at the Luchtvaartmuseum Aviodrome. The event was organised in an old aircraft museum and participants had the opportunity to experience the new HD PartsCenter's logo. During the evening, our Chairman of the Board and CEO, Mr.Tarık Altuncu, our Board Member Mr. Şahin Şahinkaya, and HD PartsCenter Marketing Manager Dex van Veenendaal, shared presentations and provided details related to the HD PartsCenter corporate identity change.

The addition of HD PartsCenter to SAMPA, after acquiring and adopting the producer identity of Intertruck, a Netherlands-based heavy-duty vehicle spare parts distributor, is a notable advancement strengthening our network in the Benelux region.

Happy International Women's Day!

March 8,2024

Every moment is worth celebrating for the women who make our lives meaningful every day! We always stand shoulder to shoulder on every 8th of March and work together for a brighter future. Happy International Women's Day to all women! Watch our special video now to celebrate!

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A Great Experience at ACMA Automechanika New Delhi

March 7,2024

ACMA Automechanika New Delhi took place this year from February 1 to 3, 2024. This biennial event brought together representatives from various countries, particularly from the South Asia region, reconnecting with numerous sector organisations.

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SAMPA Shot Across the Bow in Mexico

March 7,2024

Expo Foro Movilidad, which showcased sustainable transportation technologies, occurred between February 28 and March 1, 2024, in Mexico City.

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