Sampa’s Developments Offered Positive Surprises at the Degert Auto 2-day Programme

October 17,2022

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On October 5th Sampa hosted Degert Auto’s owner Denis Turja, including the sales team for a 2-day programme dedicated to presenting new developments in Sampa’s ‘world’. On day one the invitees had a complete tour of Sampa’s 11 integrated factory units, including CAMP, the R&D centre.

Day two was held in the Sampa conference hall where presentations of quality systems and videos showcasing recent developments were screened. A Q&A then followed, with questions answered by Demet Aydın and Elif Gültekin, Sampa customer representatives, including questions about the brand and products.
At the end of the programme, certificates of participation were awarded during the gift ceremony by Şevket Aydin- Sampa Chief Product Officer, and other senior Sampa participants.

After 15 years of working with Sampa, Degert Auto was pleasantly surprised by the growth in Sampa's product volume and product diversity since their previous visit in 2015.

We are eager to continue collaborating with Sampa, especially after seeing Sampa’s production capacity. Including the investment in the R&D centre, new test equipment, and ongoing projects that Sampa is engaged in. We are greatly looking forward to placing orders and receiving new parts from Sampa's various product groups. We are confident these new orders will positively and significantly contribute to our business and purchasing volume.”- Degert Auto stated.

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