Sampa Receives Ford Q1

April 9,2019

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We are proud to announce that Sampa has received the prestigious Ford Q1 award. In fact, Sampa is one of the global players in the world that has completed the Q1 process in just 7 months! Congrats for Team Sampa for making this possible.

Here some comments from the esteemed Ford Otosan team, who were kind enough to fly in from Istanbul to present the Q1 plaque and flag. And don’t forget to watch our award ceremony 

“Sampa has really helped us in all the processes related to Q1. These processes are really not easy to complete, but thanks to Sampa's support we were able to complete them in a timely manner.”

Berf Anıl
Purchasing Engineer, Ford Otosan

“Sampa is a company that can complete most production process inhouse; it has serious potential in this sense. Many companies we work with have specific process expertise and they procure other details. But Sampa is a company that can manufacture almost all details within its own structure. This is a great advantage. It provides a suitable environment in terms of both controlling processes and optimizing costs.”

Murat Özkırşehirli
Purchasing Product Manager, Ford Otosan

“I visit Sampa’s factory regularly but today I had the chance to see parts I haven't seen before. It was very nice in that sense. I see that everyone is specially prepared for today and I would like to thank everyone who contributed. It was a very professional award ceremony. The senior management and I think that you're really stand out.”

Rıfat Arapoğlu
STA Field Engineer, Ford Otosan

“Today I saw the factory for the first time and was very impressed. For the first time I saw a factory with such high vertical integration. Vertical integration means manufacturing all the components of the final product – to produce the semi-products and to make the final assembly within the factory. The larger your operating is, the more intricate your structure is, the more difficult it is for you to receive the Q1. So, I cannot stress enough – the Q1 we're giving to Sampa is really valuable.

Q1 is a technical process from the beginning to the end. I'm interested in the end because that's the fun part. There has never been a company to start and quit the Q1 process. It's more difficult for some but I know that it was not very difficult for Sampa. Because there really was motivation, energy, and faith in everyone's eyes I saw today. In this sense, Sampa's process started easy and completed just as easily. I saw that excitement in everyone's eyes today. Attending the ceremony actually shows you how much people believe in themselves. The more people laugh and have fun in the award ceremony, the more they believe in themselves and the happier they are for the results.”

Murat Senir
Purchasing Director, Ford Otosan


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