Sampa Hometown Ridewell Visit a 100% Success

November 22,2022

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Ridewell, The Engineered Suspension Company from United States of America, made a Sampa Hometown visit to ‘audit’ the Air Spring plant. The tour was considered a 100% success from every perspective – but, most importantly, by Ridewell themselves. Bruce Barton “This is one of the most well-organized plant’s I’ve ever visited”.

Hometown’s #1 objective was to provide Ridewell the confidence to expand working with Sampa through a technical audit of the Air Spring plant. All their questions were answered to a degree that they now put Sampa on the same level as Conti or Firestone, (and one level above Goodyear), as a world-leading Air Spring Manufacturer. Bruce Barton “After our visit to your facilities, it’s the first time we are considering outsourcing these parts – you have everything that we have and a couple of things more!”

Every aspect of manufacture, including management processes, design, development, and production, were inspected. The valued Ridewell visitors were given full and unfettered access during a perfectly synchronized tour, involving everyone from senior management, to specialists, engineers, and including the technicians operating the cutting-edge production and testing systems. Greg Hunt “The knowledge level of your personnel shows why Sampa has this excellent quality level.”

#2 objective was to encourage Ridewell to expand its business to other product groups. New business acquisition by the end of their visit speaks for itself:
- 1 new PO for 500.561 kits (Hendrickson Bushing Kit);
- sample requests for other article numbers between suspension Arms and Hangers, Tri-Functional Bushings, and Shear Bolts
- future discussions regarding axles
Ridewell departed for home with Sampa now firmly established as a viable supplier for other product groups, placing it together with, and above, the traditional OEM suppliers from where they currently buying their parts. Bruce Barton “Everyone thought that Sampa was an aftermarket manufacturer – after this visit, we believe you are better than most of our current OEM suppliers!”
A two- and one-half day trip that brought two parties from opposite sides of the planet together into one shared interest. Congratulations to all the Sampa family across all departments and factories for turning this short trip into such a big success!

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