Our Policies

Sampa Quality Department's motto is “Your request is our duty". And this vision is guided by good faith and technical criteria on the path we take to achieve customer satisfaction in everything we do. Below, you may access our warranty management policies and other details that Sampa has laid out regarding the products and services we provide.

Sampa Inc. undertakes that the implemented Information Security Management System is certified to meet all the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 standards and is improved in line with the activities prescribed by these standards, that this system is managed in an integrated manner with other management systems that Sampa implements, and that Sampa complies fully with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Turkey.

The main purpose of Sampa Inc.’s ISO/27001:2013 activity is to define and evaluate the risks to our information assets and to ensure that they are systematically improved, managed and secured within and outside the company.

The Sampa Inc. Board of Directors reviews the Information Security Management System at least once a year in accordance with the Management Review Procedure to ensure compliance, adequacy, and effectiveness of the ISMS.

Sampa Inc. declares that it supports the implementation of the Information Security Management and Compliance Policy with all relevant units under the leadership of the Sampa Board of Directors.

Objectives and Principles

Sampa Inc.'s objective is to ensure the security, continuity and auditability of information assets, business processes and operations through the Information Security Management System ISO/27001:2013, and to increase service quality, competitiveness and brand value in order to reach its global targets.

Information Security Management System ISO/27001:2013 Certification audit processes are implemented with "zero non-compliance" strategy.

Each information asset is evaluated according to the principles of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility, the resulting risks are eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level.

Projects implemented during the risk management process are monitored through internal audit processes and effective, continuous and reasonable solutions are completed on time.

Information Safety Performance is measured through internal audits and all requirements are met.

Personnel, supplier, customer and visitor awareness on ISMS are increased through educational and instructional activities.  

In order to achieve objectives, Sampa Inc is obliged to comply with this policy and all documents supporting this policy with the support of Senior Management, all employees of the company and the external parties defined in ISMS. 

We have created our environmental policy to help protect the environment we live in, by using natural resources efficiently and preventing pollution, to leave a cleaner, more livable environment for future generations. Sampa develops business by adhering to these principles and it contributes to nature. At Sampa;

  • We comply with all legal legislation in force regarding the environment.

  • We carry out research and improvements that will enable the reuse of materials and natural resources that can be recycled.

  • We use the least harmful technologies.

As a result of our production processes, we make our waste harmless and leave the rest to nature.


Sampa is committed to exhibiting appropriate attitudes and behaviors in accordance with the following principles in all its activities and relations with the individuals and organizations at home and abroad, the state, the society in which it operates, its customers, suppliers, partners and employees.

Stakeholdership Principle: At Sampa Automotive, we consider all our customers, suppliers, partners and employees in the sector as stakeholders, as well as the state, community, nature and social environment. For this reason, our basic principle is to protect and serve the rights of our stakeholders.

Principle of benefit to society: The principle of benefit to the society is taken as a basis in all the processes and works we take place in and it is aimed to benefit our geography and our country as a social responsibility.

Principle of respect for law: We respect the rights of our employees, suppliers, customers, competitors and all public order we serve, and act in compliance with legal regulations at global and national level.

Quality Principle: Sampa aims to achieve the highest level of quality in all processes inside and outside the company, from working environment to production, from product quality to customer service.

Productivity Principle: Efficiency is basis for all kinds of resource usage. From raw material use to the use of basic needs and consumption of natural resources, there is a principle of efficient expenditure and profit-making in all processes.

Continuous Development and Development Principle: Continuous observation of global changes, production processes, use of resources, from sales channels to marketing processes at all stages of research and development to renew itself is one of our main principles. We also encourage our employees to develop their knowledge and experience by training them in this sense.

We believe that the greatest share in our company's success and competitive advantage is our employees and we see our employees as our most valuable asset. We are aware that an environment in which individuals can feel peaceful and in which they will strive to continuously advance their own competencies and success of the company will be extremely beneficial for both our workplace and our employees.

Human Resources Management with this awareness;

  • To bring qualified manpower to the society,

  • Provide equal opportunities to employees,

  • To promote entrepreneurial management style,

  • To make a human resource planning in line with the company policies and strategies,

  • To support the continuous development of employees through trainings,

  • We are committed to employee satisfaction and loyalty.


At SAMPA, ‘Accident-Free Production’ is the basis of our Occupational Health and Safety Policy. Our Occupational Safety Department carries out its activities in line with this target, conducts risk analysis of the work environments and continues its activities in line with laws, regulations and regulations in order to provide a safer and healthier work environment. At the same time, our department carries out by improving to better points the working areas of our personnel by making researches and examinations in order to product accident-free products, to prevent damage to the environment and to create a society that is conscious about OHS.

Our workplace physician within the company provides 24-hour uninterrupted health service together with the assistant personnel.

  • In this context, our company, Occupational Health and Safety operates at the highest level by providing a safe and healthy working environment, we prevent possible accidents. As SAMPA;

  • We comply with all applicable laws, standing rule and regulations about Occupational Health and Safety.

  • We provide a safer and healthier working environment for our employees, the most valuable asset of our company.

  • We inform all our employees about Occupational Health and Safety.


SAMPA AUTOMOTIVE INC. Laboratories have reached internationally accepted qualifications in the field with qualified personnel, infrastructure and laboratory facilities, and adopted continuous development approach in order to maintain and improve the production quality of the company.


In the research and development stages realized within the company, it is committed to provide laboratory facilities that meet the required material characterization and product dimensioning studies with high technological devices.



SAMPA AUTOMOTIVE laboratories have set targets to establish a sustainable infrastructure that enables the research and development works necessary for the production of spare parts and OEM products of many world-renowned heavy vehicles, tow trucks and semi-trailer brands, to provide services to relevant units of Sampa, to be strengthening of national and international cooperation in this field, and thus to become a science and technology center that leads and supports projects that contribute to increasing the competitiveness of our country, accelerating its development and improving the quality of human life.


SAMPA AUTOMOTIVE INC. is to provide customer satisfaction in accordance with the quality policy and to provide the required experiment measurements for SAMPA AUTOMOTIVE INC. and the measurement data required for continuous improvement in internal use with the highest safety and accuracy.
SAMPA AUTOMOTIVE INC. has aimed for realized all activities with support of the resources and trust provided by the top management.


Sampa is a manufacturer and supplier that provides a wide range of products for heavy duty vehicles at the lowest price and fastest way available, with a focus on high standards and customer satisfaction.


Our vision is to rise to the top of the aftermarket with an innovative and responsible mindset, world-class technology investments, the support of the best and brightest talent, and a unique approach in everything we do.


As Sampa A.Ş, we are committed to comply with the Quality Management Systems connected with standards requirements in all our activities realized in line with the mission and vision principles that we have defined.

In accordance with the Quality Management Systems we have included, defining the targets and monitoring the performance of our organizational activities within the continuous improvement cycle as part of our core activities.

Within the life cycle of our company, for the priority of quality approach; Providing the necessary support to other organizations in which both it has in-house and out of company relations, sharing information and developing in order to establish a strong interactive communication network with its outputs is one of its primary organizational tasks.

We are committed that we will act as a whole with all its employees, with common sense and determination to realize these activities in order to achieve the goals set by the organization; in this process, it will be supported by the Board of Directors to sustainability and continuous improvement of all activities of the organization.


Leadership: We are not leaders by being followers, but we are committed to being a pioneer.

Distinctiveness: Our investments indicate that we are working to differentiate and individuate Sampa Automotive.

Employees: In Sampa Automotive, we work with co-workers who have adopted to corporate culture and are compatible with each other. This situation offers a more comfortable and willing working life for all of us.

Trust: Our values instill respect for our customers, suppliers and all stakeholders, and to build mutual trust. In the work environment, we have endless confidence in each other's goodwill and skills.

Competition: We always aim for the best in our work. Our innovative and future-oriented structure is the most important factor that makes us competitive.

Honesty: The principle of honesty that we have adopted at Sampa Automotive is building the foundation of our trust relationships. We adopt as a principle being honest with our colleagues, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders, and we believe that the most successful working environment can be created in this way.

Faithfulness: As Sampa Automotive, we take care to work by delivering the rights of everyone without ignoring individual achievements.

Law: We are conducting all of our actions within the framework of laws, respecting the laws.

Goodness: We always adopt the principle of mutual goodwill with our colleagues and business partners. This feeds our expectations of trust, loyalty and honesty both within the company and with the company we work with.

Global: We always aim to be innovative and different, and we also observe all over the world. We try to meet all the requirements of being a global company by increasing the number of countries we export to each year and providing the best service.


Respect for individuals and competitors

Honesty is at the forefront of our commercial activities

Novelty and innovation are the cornerstones of our success

We attach importance to auditing and reporting

We do not separate the interests of our company and our employees

We are a good follower at Global

Being the best in what we do is our top priority

We are in integration with society


Potential product recalls should be quickly reported and investigated by a responsible decision-maker who has the authority to assign the recall classification to the situation. When warranted, a Recall Committee should be appointed.

The Recall Committee and its chairman (Director of Quality) should be quickly convened when a Class I, II, or III situation exists.

All information received and communication released regarding the recall should be approved by the chairman of the Recall Committee.

Complete records and samples should be kept in the control of the Quality Division. Communication is so critical in a recall situation that the members of the Recall Committee may need to devote nearly full time to the emergency in its earliest stages. A telephone hotline may need to be installed for customer and other inquiries.

The Shelf-Life & Warranty Policy, Recall Policy and procedures should be reviewed each year.


The following are possible government definitions for the product recall procedure.

Class I Recall - A serious emergency recall situation involving product which may have an immediate or long range effect on the life or health of aquatic animals or human consumers.

Class II Recall - A priority situation involving product which may be a potential hazard to human or animal life or health.

Class III Recall - A situation involving product which does not pose a health threat, but which may have serious or wide-spread customer or public relations implications.

External Recall - The removal of product from the market in which distribution has been made beyond the direct control of the organisation.

Internal Recall - The removal of product from the market, none of which has left the direct control of the manufacturer.

Retention - Holding product from the market or from further processing or shipment when there is evidence of a quality or labelling deviation in the formula for the target species.


When the potential for a recall becomes evident, the quality division and production division should be informed immediately.

The quality manager may assume the responsibility to immediately investigate, using any resource within the company, to determine whether the situation is a Class I, II, or III recall or is of lesser priority. The quality manager needs to make the classification decision as quickly as possible. If the decision is that it is a Class I, II, or III recall, the quality division should immediately convene the Recall Committee. The chairman should then co-ordinate all recall activities, keeping the committee members informed. A lesser priority situation may be handled at the plant level without a committee being convened. The Recall Committee should include persons with expertise in these areas:

  • Quality

  • After Sales

  • R&D

  • Engineering

  • Customer / Public Relations

  • Legal & Regulatory

  • Production

  • Sales

  • Purchasing

  • Environment/Health&Safety

The Recall Committee should decide the quickest and best overall procedure for handling the recall. Since each situation will be unique, the following are guidelines which may be useful:

  • Determine the suspected product’s identification codes and the dates of its manufacture.

  • Determine where the entire product is now located. In other words what is the status of the problem / root cause analysis of the problem?

  • Immediately notify all locations where the product was shipped. Mandate a “stop sale.” If the product has been sold to consumers, contact the sellers (distribution) and ask them to make a listing of all consumers who received the product.

  • Get the Recall Committee input as to how to handle all contacts outside the company, such as consumers, agents, dealers, media, etc.

  • Decide whether the media need to be notified. If so, let the public relations department or its designee handle it.

  • Decide whether government agencies should be immediately notified. They may be of help, but may also make matters worse if the officials believe a concealment has been attempted.

  • Someone should be assigned to make and retain accurate records of what was produced, shipped and later accounted for, and finally disposed. Also a record of recall actions and their date and time may be needed for legal protection.

  • Be sure any samples secured are properly identified and safeguarded. If sample analysis is required, have it done on an expedited basis while always retaining duplicate lots of each sample lot submitted.

  • Communicate. Keep the Recall Committee, top management, directors & management levels, any customers, and the news media (if necessary) informed, so that inaccurate information cannot accidentally replace facts or is misconstrued.

  • A 24-hour hotline phone number may need to be implemented, to answer any questions from consumers / customers.

Dear Valuable Customer,

Regarding products that provided to the market by us, the detail info about the shelf-life conditions and warranty policy can be found on this document. We would like to kindly request you to examine the document for getting more-details about the products you obtain. It will increase the efficiency of life -time in where they used and also provide the customer satisfaction


Date of Manufacture Codes


The date of manufacture for Sampa A.S. brand products has some variations concerning to some digit codes such as (“DDMMYY”), or WWYY.

  • The last two digits indicate the year in which the product was manufactured (eg. 17 = year 2017)

  • The middle two digits indicate the month in which the product was manufactured (eg. 06 = month June)

  • The first two digits indicate the days in which the product was manufactured (eg. 03 = the third day of the month)

  • WW stands for the week code of the year. (Some products)


"Sampa" brands define the shelf life as the time on the product of a chemical substance, blended preparation or main / main raw material, which is chemically and physically stable. Most Sampa A.S. branded products are made from polymeric materials and / or metal based products and have virtually unlimited physical and chemical stability; To preserve practical retention and testing policies, the published shelf life for these products is max. 5 years from the date of production. However, since the storage and storage conditions described below are difficult to manage, Sampa A.Ş. a 12 months shelf life guarantee is provided for all products produced by the company. In order not to have any problems in order to obtain the five-year, 5-year forecast life expectancy mentioned above, the relevant products must be stored as Sampa A.S.

a) Storage Conditions:

The recommended shelf life generally associated with products fabricated from various polymers is listed below and is based on information provided in technical literatures. Actually, it depends on the storage conditions, which can affect the quality and shelf life of polymer based products. If stored under the most suitable conditions, it could be used through or even beyond the expiration date of its shelf life. Bad storage conditions can shorten the expected shelf life. Polymer products should be stored in a dry cool place and should be protected from light, moisture, oxygen, heat, ozone, any chemicals and deformation. Storage temperature should be below 25°C, however below 15°C is preferable. Shelf life does not guarantee the quality of a product; therefore, polymer based products should remain in storage for as short time as possible. During storage, polymer based products can undergo changes in physical properties and ultimately become unusable. If the shelf life has expired, the polymer based products should be carefully evaluated for possible use as originally intended before discarding products solely based on the suggested shelf life

For the metal based parts the risk are lower than the polymeric ones.

b) Recommended Storage Conditions:

- Store in a cool, dry place with temperature below 25 °C and an ideally under 15 °C

- Keep away from direct heat or open flames

- Avoid contact with solvents or other fluids

- Do not store in direct sunlight

- Keep products wrapped or sealed to minimize the absorption of moisture

Please be aware of the difference between the warranty period and shelf-life period of the goods. For more information, we would like to kindly request you to see Sampa A.S. Warranty Policy and its Appendix 1.

Sampa A.S. Warranty Policy:

Sampa A.S.’ brand, (Sampa) logo with the products provided to the bazaar; the customer undertakes a full warranty for the period of 12 months from the date of the sales invoices, and this guarantee expresses the over-the-car use period. "Warranty Period" is only valid for Sampa A.Ş. within the normal conditions of use set forth by the manufacturer. Sampa Inc. (a) conforms to the specifications or other definitions and (b) is manufactured in a manner free from defects in materials and workmanship, and the warranty obligations become effective under these conditions.

In the event of a breach of the 'Warranty' of the above-mentioned conditions, it may be taken under the goodwill of Sampa AS under the authority and responsibility of Sampa A.Ş. However, for the duration of the defined warranty period and any negativity that may arise in the context of proper use, Sampa A.Ş. the replacement of the related products with new ones, the return of the customer to the account of the price as well as the cases are reserved. (i) However, in order to benefit from this remote client, Sampa AS must notify the defects of the product which have such inappropriateness to Sampa A.Ş. (ii) Sampa A.Ş. it may be requested to analyse and examine all the rights claims relating to nonconformities. (iii) verify that Sampa AS reviews these claims, confirms the alleged deficiencies and does not originate from accident, misuse, negligence, unauthorized modification or false testing.



Date of Manufacture Codes


As a standard concept; 12 months warranty from the date installation and 12 months guarantee from the date of invoice within the scope of the shelf life will be confirmed by the organisation. Except the conditions will be determined on the agreements signed the parties or the regulations/laws in the country/region the products are sold.)

“Certification” Policy

Sampa A.S. maintains a database that allows us to generate Certificates of Conformance for nearly all Sampa products on demand. This feature is available to our customers when they request it. For Certificates of Analysis and other QMS Reports, processing will take longer depending on the level of information required.


Ap1:Warranty Criterions

Ap2:Product Recall Management