Taco Bell + Doritos = Best/Worst Taco Ever

Thursday, April 14th, 2011. Filed under: Phat Food

The creators of the fourth meal just made your drunken teenage fantasy come alive. Taco Bell and Doritos have combined forces to create the first nacho cheese taco shell made entirely from Doritos chips. The Doritos Locos Tacos uses the Doritos flavor Late Night Tacos at Midnight to create a toxic orange shell to hold all the delightful imitation beef and isolated oat product that a Taco Bell taco has to offer.

Taco Bell Doritos Shell

First of all, the Doritos chip flavor alone is something you’d have to be high out of your mind to understand. You can call it Late Night Tacos or Tacos at Midnight, but when you combine the two together, it just makes you sound like you’ve been experimenting with drugs and you’re having a hard time getting the point across that you love chips at nighttime.

Secondly, the Doritos taco shell is a diabolically genius idea. Where other fast food brands are beginning to offer a side of sliced apples instead of fries, Taco Bell goes right after anyone stuck in the yummy phase. Dipping a taco shell in orange cheesy powder seems like a simple idea, but it’s the act of actually making the product sends the message to every misguided teen and shitty mother in the world that “Taco Bell makes the worst food on earth, and we’re damn proud of it!”

Doritos Locos Tacos aren’t available nationwide yet, but Taco Bell is testing them in select locations. Check out this kid as he discovers the nacho cheese shell is, “… everything I expected, and more!”

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