Laughing Babies Cute…or Evil?

Thursday, April 28th, 2011. Filed under: Mom Secrets

Moms will know that there are times when you’re tempted to chuck your child out the window out of sheer frustration. A needy baby can cry non-stop for hours and, no matter what you do, the crying never stops. Yet, you always end up telling yourself it will all get better and that you love this baby more than life itself. Ever wonder why you do that? It could be fierce maternal instinct kicking in.

Or it could be that your baby is the spawn of Satan, playing mind control games on you.

You may think this is nonsense, but we here at Sampa have found indisputable proof that babies, especially the cute ones that you want to take home with you, are evil demons slowly taking over our souls.

Case in point, let’s take a look at one of the happiest scenes known to human-kind: babies laughing.

Aww, how cute! How about another one:

Oh my God, SO ADORABLE! How about four babies laughing:

And here’s a baby laughing at the family dog:

You can’t stand it any more, right? You could watch this last video over and over again. That’s what we at Sampa did, and then we found proof that the babies in all of these videos aren’t the adorable little angels they seem to be. Instead, they are sinister little demons poised to take our souls.

Watch this video again, but at half speed:

Are you frightened? You should be.

This baby wasn’t laughing at a dog popping bubbles. It was laughing at the dog destroying bubbles, just as this baby would like to destroy us. Hell is indeed full of menacing toddlers, all laughing at our willingness to be drawn in so easily.

If you’re not convinced yet, then ask yourself, “Wasn’t Hitler once a baby?”

Yeah, that just blew your fucking mind, didn’t it?

Now that you’re better prepared the next time you see a cute baby, don’t be so easily fooled. Keep your eye on them; it could be what saves some poor unsuspecting fool from a miserable fate.

Or you could watch these videos all over again because they’re SO FREAKING CUTE!!

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