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Our Purpose and Approach

Always Willing to Explore And Innovate!

As an Aftermarket Company which makes the most amount of investments and develops fastest in the heavy duty vehicle spare parts industry, we always go for ‘innovation’ and ‘further development’ for the highest quality and customer satisfaction. Our aim is to manufacture long lasting spare parts, obtain brand new patents and continuously explore. We take firm steps forward by improving our staff capability and being a part of the World economy with a reliable technology.

We, as a Manufacturer and Supplier, aim to provide our customers to afford a wide range of products and raise the profitability of our stakeholders.

Our organisational culture also brings this aim forward and develops new and innovative approaches in order to improve our industry.


Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The foundation of our Occupational Health and Safety Policy at Sampa is based on our objective “Accident-Free Manufacturing”. Our Occupational Health Department which operates in line with this objective makes risk analysis of the work environment and conforms to all related laws, rules and regulations in order to provide more secure and healthier labor conditions. Our Department carries on its activities in order to improve the work environment for our colleagues, to be able to manufacture products without accidents, not to harm the environment and develop a social awareness concerning Occupational Health Safety.

Our On-site doctor provides a continuous health assistance with the assistance of his team.  Within this scope, our company provides a safe and healthy work environment and prevents any possible accidents by handling the Occupational Health and Safety matters at the highest level. As Sampa Automotive;

  • We completely comply with the current applicable Laws, Rules and Regulations concerning the Occupational Health and Safety,
  • We provide a safer and healthier work environment for our employees who are the most valuable assets of our company.
  • We update all our employees regarding Occupational Health and Safety matters.



Sampa World Tour Malaysia

Sampa World Tour Malaysia

Sampa World Tour Continues with a Stop in Malaysia!

Sampa Has Carried Its Growth Rate To Its Logo!

Sampa Has Carried Its Growth Rate To Its Logo!

Sampa Automotive was at Automechanica Istanbul with its brand new image.

Sampa Proceeds to The Top Step By Step!

Sampa Proceeds to The Top Step By Step!

TIM (Turkish Exporters Assembly) has announced the top 1000 exporting companies.

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